Financial Assistance Programs

Parkview also accepts various financial assistance programs including the Home and Community Based (HCBS) Elderly Waiver for those over 65 yrs old, on Title XIX, and less than $2000 in resources, the Veteran's Benefit for those who are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran serving 90 consecutive days in the armed services at least one of which was during war time, and then rental assistance or HUD which is available to those who are financially needy based on the amount that they spend our of packet on medical expenses and rent. 

Parkview also accepts long-term care insurance.  Each individual insurance company has their own criteria so you will have to contact them as to what they cover and don't cover. 

Parkview will gladly assist in providing whatever information is necessary in helping the resident in securing long term care insurance assistance, Elderly Waiver assistance, HUD and or the Veteran's Benefit.

*All the above mentioned programs are based on individual need and the monetary benefits very accordingly. 

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